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Fix R6 Extraction Disconnected From Host Error in Rainbow Six Extraction

Fix Disconnected From Host Error in Rainbow Six Extraction

There are some error messages in Rainbow Six Extraction that has no official fix yet. In such cases, you will need to figure out how to fix the issue yourself. In this guide, we will see how to fix Disconnected from Host Error in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Fix R6 Extraction Disconnected From Host Error

Rainbow Six Extraction has certain error messages that come up frequently, and the Disconnected from Host Error is one such message that can mean various things. Here we will take a look at how to fix Disconnected from Host Error in Rainbow Six Extraction.

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The Disconnect from Host Error in Rainbow Six Extraction is noticed across all platforms, and players have been getting it when they try to play co-op or join a host server. If this issue is persistent and doesn’t let you play with your friends, then you can try doing the following.

Press the Confirm Button

When the error message comes up, keep pressing the OK button on the message box. Sometimes if you are lucky it will go away and you can continue playing, but if it doesn’t you can keep reading.

Check your network connection

Your internet connection can also prevent you from joining the game properly. You will have to check if your Wi-Fi is giving you a good network or switch to a wired Ethernet cable. Contact your network provider if you notice anything wrong with your network.

Restart the game

Close your game and come back to it after some seconds. It is even better if you can reboot your entire system or console by turning it off and unplugging it from the outlet. Plug it back in and turn it on, log into your game and see if the error message goes away.

Play in another host lobby

Maybe the issue is persistent with the host lobby you are trying to join, so you can ask another friend to host the game and join that to see if the issue is fixed.

Check for updates

If the game is undergoing any sort of update or maintenance, it can kick you out of the game. Take a look around Rainbow Six Extraction’s official website or Twitter page to note down any update that is taking place currently, then try logging in after that.

If you are still facing problems and disconnecting from host servers, you will have to get in touch with Ubisoft’s support team to let them know about the issue with your game. If you liked this guide you can also check out our other game guides to know more.

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