Fix PUBG Servers Are Too Busy Error

December 27, 2019 By Harsh Clif

PUBG is one of the most grossing games around the world. In recent reports, it had been concluded that PUBG has over 200 million mobile users and daily 30 million active mobile users. These reports do not include other platforms such as the iPhone and other OS.

With the popularity of PUBG, the servers are becoming extremely burdened leading to errors. “PUBG servers are too busy” error occurs because of a large number of users logging into the game at a time. This problem occurs when the user tries to log in to the game and suddenly a popup appears which says “PUBG servers are too busy, please try again later”. When this problem occurs, it’s an annoying situation for the user who just wants to jump into the game and start playing right away. So the reasons for this error are as follows:

If the problem is from the server end, rest assured, the PUBG developers are working on the game’s server or they are trying to bring an update to stabilize the UI or to increase the capacity of servers. Usually, the game is updated on Wednesday, so if you face the error on that day, the problem can be due to the update or since you have not yet updated the game.

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The other reason is when a large number of users log at the same time from a particular location.  An issue with your internet connection can also be the cause of the problem. So, here are some ways to fix PUBG servers are too busy error:-

1. Start the game by turning off the internet

This trick works in Android devices very well. We experimented with this trick many times when PUBG shows “PUBG servers are too busy error” on various Android devices and it really works for most users. This trick just bypasses the initial frame of logging in of PUBG and it will take you to the game but this trick works only on android phones. If this trick doesn’t work or you are playing the game on a platform other than android then come to the second one.

2. Try Reconnecting through a different server

When the message “PUBG servers are too busy” appears on the screen click on the globe (🌐) icon given on the screen and change the server to a different location and try reconnecting in this way, you can bypass the error. If this worked, the error was due to a large number of users from your location. If these two don’t work try the third way.


Sometimes developers of PUBG release some minor updates to fix these problems. And after this update, the old version starts showing a lot of problems as a new update takes over the older one and developers started overlooking the old version. However, it was seen that many users continue to use the old version until it was mandatory to update the game for using it. The updated version of the game is less likely to face the “PUBG servers are too busy error”.

4. Restart the ISP (internet service provider)

Sometimes this issue was just due to your modem or Wi-Fi because sometimes the game may get familiar to an IP address and may not allow it to connect to the server of the game. As you restart your Wi-Fi it gives you a completely different IP address and makes it possible for you to connect to the server of the game. Also sometimes restarting your Wi-Fi give it a completely fresh start and may increase some of your speed.

5. Firewall

Sometimes firewall also restricts PUBG to connect to the server. One of the reasons that might be blocking you from connecting to the PUBG server. However, PUBG is not a malicious app and is completely safe to use. To prevent yourself from this turn off the firewall and to do that follow these steps:-

Step 1 – Go to Windows Search Tab by pressing the Windows Key

Step 2 – Type Windows Defender Firewall and Select Windows Security

Step 3 – Turn Widows Defender Firewall Off (do that at your own risk as it may put your system under security risk)

Step 4 – Click on OK to save the change

6. Multitasking

Sometimes if many apps are working in the background, they consume most of your bandwidth and this could be the reason for the game showing “PUBG servers are too busy error.” Due to low internet speed, the error could be arising, simply turning off other apps and assuring the game receives the maximum bandwidth can solve the problem.

7. Re-installing

If any of the above-given methods doesn’t work for you then try uninstalling and re-installing the app, this might help you in this error.


Sometimes there are various bugs in servers and developers are working on it. So, this may take some time and the game will start working once everything is set. As the game is getting popular all around the world and a lot of people are logging in and out of the game every second. It’s natural for the servers to break down due to heavy traffic. So don’t panic as you’re not alone who is facing this issue. Follow the steps we have covered in the post and you should be able to play PUBG again.