Fix PS5 ‘Something is wrong with the USB drive you connected’

One of the most common, yet very annoying PS5 error messages says “Something is wrong with the USB drive you connected’. Typically, this error occurs because of several reasons, and sometimes, it has nothing to do with a defective USB drive if you think. If you want to solve this problem, here we have given the best and easy solution. Check out.

How to Fix PS5 ‘Something is wrong with the USB drive you connected’

Mostly this error occurs during the ‘rest mode’ when the USB drive is connected. So far, the only best solution is, do not put PS5 in rest mode for a longer time when you have connected your USB drive to the PS5’s USB slot.

This is not a major problem to worry about, it is a simple issue when the user is playing games using a USB Drive and keep it in the rest mode. Generally, this problem should happen once. If you will click on the ‘Ok’ then the PS5 will repair it automatically, so it should be fixed itself.

However, many users are getting this error message again and again. So, it indicates that the problem is with the user’s USB drive or some issues with the software of PS 5. If it has any software-related issues, Sony will confirm if the issue is common and will fix it in its next update.

In case, it is not any software-related issues, then you should avoid putting PS5 on rest mode so you will not get any such error message.

That’s everything you need to know about how to fix PS5 ‘Something is wrong with the USB drive you connected’.

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