Fix PS5 No Sound or Audio Output Bug

The PS5 no sound or audio output bug has been affecting a lot of players ever since the launch of the next-gen console last year. The bug appears completely at random either at startup or after you have left the PS5 idle for a while. Rebooting and all the other basic troubleshooting does not seem to help the situation. It goes without saying, the issue is serious and to continue to use the PS5, you are going to have to fix the PS5 sound output problem. Fortunately, we have some solutions that you can try and has worked for a lot of other users.

How to Fix PS5 No Sound or Audio Output Bug

It’s unlikely that the no sound or the audio bug is caused due to a hardware problem, but before you start to consider a problem with the hardware, try the below solutions.

Ensure the PS5 is Not Muted – There is a chance that you could have muted the PS5 while playing a game. The Mute button on the DualSense is under the PS Button. You can easily press it by mistake. SO, press the mute button again and check if the audio comes back. Try this a few times before moving to the next solution.

Use Wired Connection to Connect DualSense to PS5 – While the Bluetooth is the ideal way to connect and play games, some TV models don’t go along well with it and cause audio issues. As such, use the cable to connect the controller to the PS5.

Check If the Volume is Tuned Down – It’s likely you have already tried this fix, but if you have not ensure that the volume is not tuned down.

Have you Connected a Headset via USB – Use a headset to connect to the PS5 via USB will disable the audio of the TV. You may be used to using optical on the PS4, but the PS5 does not support that.

Hard Reset the TV – The cause of the PS5 no sound or audio output bug may be a glitch with your TV and not the PS5. Hard reset the TV to fix the problem. To perform the process, turn down the TV and unplug the power cord. Now, press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds. Reconnect the power cords and start the TV. You can also hold down on the power button on the TV or the remote to hard reset the TV.

Check the HDMI Cable and Port – Ensure that the PS5 is connected to the TV’s HDMI Port. Also, ensure that the HDMI cable is not damaged or old.

If none of the above solutions have been of help, you are out of options and the next step should be to get in touch with Sony support.

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