Fix PS5 Loose Trigger on Controller

The PS5 is the next generation of the console which is released late last year. This console features a lot of improvements and new features to its system performance, and all credit goes to its GPU and CPU along with an ultra-high-speed SSD that offers fewer load times than ever before. However, recently there are several players have reported issues with the PS5 controller. They have complained that their controller has loosened. It makes it too easy to press the buttons and because of that, unnecessary misfires happen. Are you having the same issue, here is how to fix it?

How to Fix PS5 Loose Trigger on Controller

Following are the possible solutions you can try to fix the PS5 loose trigger on the controller.

If the PS5 Controller is ‘Under Warranty’:

In order to fix the loose trigger on PS5 first of all, check if your controller is still in the warranty period. If it is under the warranty, we advise you to return the faulty one and get it exchanged with a new one.

If the PS5 Controller is “Out of Warranty’:

In case, it is out of warranty, we don’t recommend repairing it by yourself as it can create additional problems. However, if you still want to give it a try, then you can open the pad and fix it. If the trigger spring has bent, a loose trigger problem occurs. You need to replace or reinstall the spring and the problem will get fixed.

We recommend contacting to authorized PlayStation service center near you to get it fixed by experienced technicians.

That’s it for this guide on How to Fix PS5 Loose Trigger on Controller.

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