Fix PS5 Error Code CE-117722-0

While enjoying the performance of games and application on the next-gen PS5, we also have to adjust with the new error codes of the console. The PS5 Error Code CE-117722-0 is among a long list of error codes that users may not be familiar with. Fortunately, the PlayStation website lists the error with a range of solutions, unlike several other errors. However, some users have been complaining that the guide on the PlayStation website does not help and they are still seeing the error. In that case, we have some additional solutions that may be of help. Keep reading and we will help you fix the error CE-117722-0.

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How to Fix PS5 Error Code CE-117722-0

The PS5 Error Code CE-117722-0 is accompanied with the error message, “An error has occurred on PlayStationTM Now streaming connection.” As stated in the error message, there is a problem with the PlayStation Now streaming connection. Here are the solutions you can try to resolve the error.

  1. Examine the internet connection by performing a connection test on PS Now. Ensure that the connection is ideal for streaming games.
  2. Reconfigure the internet connection, restart the PS5, and connect using a wired internet connection.
  3. Ensure that the signal to the PS5 when using wireless internet is not hindered by a wall or any other object. Place the router or modem closer to the console.
  4. Hard reset the router or modem. To do so, dislodge the power cords, and allow the network hardware to rest for 5 minutes, press the power button for 10 seconds, now connect the power cord and start the device normally.
  5. Update the router’s firmware. If you don’t know-how, get in touch with your ISP or refer to the manual guide that came with the router.
  6. If it’s a game that’s causing the issue, try to download the game again and ensure that the device has sufficient storage space.

The above steps should suffice to resolve the PS5 Error Code CE-117722-0.

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