Fix PS5 Error Code CE-107867-9 “Something went wrong”

Fix PS5 Error Code CE-107867-9

Some bugs and errors are expected with the launch of any new technology. Even though the PS5 is well-tested and no major bugs have emerged, we are hearing growing reports of the PS5 Error Code CE-107867-9 with the message “Something went wrong. Try Again.” The error occurs when users try to download a new game such as the Spider-Man Miles Morales and Godfall or when copying files from another hard drive. If you are facing the issue and it’s preventing you from enjoying new titles on the PS5, stick around as we have workaround for the problem.

Fix PS5 Error Code CE-107867-9 “Something went wrong”

Unlike PC, PlayStations are not as susceptible to errors, but since the PS5 technology is still new and lacks sufficient real-world test some errors may occur. And that’s part of the deal when you jump to any new technology. Sony lists all the error codes with its devices with possible workaround, but as of this moment there is not much on the error as Sony may still be gathering user feedback.

Few of the common workaround for the PS5 Error Code CE-107867-9 “Something went wrong” is to try again which the error message suggests and if that fails, restart the device and attempt to resume the download or copy. It may appear simple enough, but a number of users were able to resolve their error with the age-old reboot trick.

Sometimes the problem with downloading may not be with the PS5, but with your modem or router, so ensure that the network hardware is functioning desirably. We suggest you rest the modem while you reboot the PS5.

Another possible cause of the error could be the PSN service. As new AAA titles such as the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Spider-Man Miles Morales, Godfall, and Black Ops Cold War is set to release in the same window, the demand for the service is high as a lot of players are trying to download these games, which could be causing the PS5 Error Code CE-107867-9. In such a case, a simple retry should resolve the issue.

We faced the same issue halfway when we were downloading Godfall and clicking on the “Try Again” started the download once again and we will able to complete the download of the game. if multiple attempts of retries fails, then proceed to restarting the console.

The good news in all of this is that when you restart the console, you should not have to download the game from the beginning, the game should start downloading from where the error occurred. We hope that all errors with the PS5 would be resolved soon. Xbox Series X and S users are also facing a ton of issues with their console with a range of software not working. These things are expected as the consoles are still new and not real-world tested.     

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