Fix PS5 Error Code CE-106873-5 – Create Button Not Working

Fix PS5 Error Code CE-106873-5

The next-gen console from PlayStation is out after much hype and players are already enjoying games such as Spider-Man Miles Morales and Godfall. FYI, Godfall is an amazing game, but a little overpriced at $70. So, the PS5 Error Code CE-106873-5 disables the Create button which performs as the Share button on other devices. With the error code, the Create Button (Share button) does not work and you cannot share pics from the photo mode. Stick around and we will help you fix the PS5 Share button not working with CE-106873-5 error code.

Fix PS5 Error Code CE-106873-5 – Create (Share) Button Not Working

It might sound way too easy, but a simple reboot of the PS5 suffices to fix the PS5 Error Code CE-106873-5 and get the Share button working again. A number of users have tried this and reported on Reddit, it seems to do the trick.

Since the reboot fixes the problem, we assume it’s not a bug or problem with the console but just an initialization problem that should be resolved after a restart. However, if you are used to the usual method of turning of the PS4, you should know that PS5 is a little different. Here is how to turn off the PS5.

  1. Press the PlayStation button on the controller.
  2. From the Menu, look for the power button on the far right.
  3. Press the power button and you should see a range of power options including Turn Off PS5.

Once it’s turned off, wait for about 10 seconds and boot it again. This simple step should be able to resolve the error and get the Create button working. Now, you can get back into Godfall and share the amazing visual environments of the game. I personally like the Water world, it’s just amazing feels like an aquarium with a sense of urgency and danger.

As for what the manufacturer Sony has to say about the error, it seems they have not yet listed the error code on their website. But, given the launch is fairly recent, we can expect it to soon be listed. If the above solution did not work to resolve your error, you will have to get in touch with Sony as at the moment there is no other workaround known for the PS5 Error Code CE-106873-5 – Create (Share) Button Not Working.

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