Fix PS5 Controller Won’t Connect – PS5 Controller Not Connecting

Some of the PS5 players may be having a tough time connecting their controller with the PS5 unit. If your controller is not connecting to your PS5 system or it has stopped syncing after using for some times, the following guide will surely help you.

What are the Reasons for the PS5 Controller Not Connecting?

There are many reasons why the PS5 controller is not connecting:

– If a controller is syncing with another device.

– If Controller has a Bluetooth connection problem.

– If the controller’s socket is dirty or damaged.

– If some problems with the controller internal hardware.

– Outdated firmware.

How to Fix PS5 Controller won’t Connect Issue

Here are some of the best instructions. Follow these steps in order until your PS5 controller can connect:

1. Perform a soft reset

Hold down the PS5 power button for 10 to 15 seconds till it turns off completely and not in rest mode. Then plug in the controller with the cable. 

Next, turn on the controller while the PS5 is off using the cable connected. It will turn ON the PS5 as well.

2. Synchronize your PS5 controller

Connect it to the console using a USB cable and press the PS5 controller button. Do you have any other controller, but don’t have any spare cable? Try to use the other controller to synchronize it wirelessly.

3. Using a different USB-C cable

You should only use the cable which comes with the PS5 console. If it does not work, then try any other USB-C cable which can transfer power as well as data.

Try to use a different device. Sometimes, the cable which you’re using may be capable of charging the controller, but it is not capable of transmitting the information.

4. Check out the USB ports

Pull out both ends of the USB cable and insert it again gently to make sure they are placed securely. If you see any debris or dust, spray lightly compressed air to remove it. If the controller or console port appears to be loose, you may need to repair it.

5. Disconnect the peripheral hardware

Detach any accessories that you have attached and connected with the controller like headsets or headphones.

Cancel the synchronization of other gadgets from your controller. If you have paired the controller with the computer, laptop, or any other console, make sure to remove it from the list of Bluetooth connections on the other device, disable Bluetooth on the other device, or turn off the other device completely.

6. PS5 Controller Factory Reset

Using a straight paper clip, press the Reset button into the small hole which you will find on the backside of the controller.

7. Updating the system software

If you have any other controller, check if the system is updated. To do this, go to Settings > System > System software > Update and system software settings > Update system software.

8. Replace the controller battery

If the PS5 controller does not turn or charge on, there is likely to be an issue with the batteries. You should replace it with the new one, or repair your PS5 controller for free of cost if it is still under warranty.

After going through these instructions, your controller will connect with the PS5 system and will start running successfully!

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