Fix PS5 Buzzing Noise | Sound

Fix PS5 Buzzing Sound

PS5 buzzing sound or noise is an issue faced by users who ordered the new next-gen console from Sony. Without a fraction of doubt, the PS5 is a great device. We have played a few games on the new console including Godfall and the experience is truly unworldly compared to the PS4. However, as with any new tech, there are some problems you will face during the initial phase of release. Users who got the new console are complaining of the PS5 fan noise and coil whine. As always, the gaming community is very active in coming with solutions and have devices a solution for the problem. Stick with us and we’ll show you how to fix PS5 buzzing sound.

How to Fix PS5 Buzzing Noise | Sound

The PS5 buzzing sound seems to occur when the PS5 is placed in a vertical position and seems to be caused by the disc spinning in a certain way when put in that position. If you press slightly on top of the PS5, the sound stops. A user on Reddit has suggested to open the cover on the side of the disc and place a few sheets of 5cm square 2mm thick paper. Once you have done that, close the panel and the buzzing should stop, but that’s far from an ideal solution as another user pointed out. Although the chance of the paper catching fire is next to impossible, not every user may want to try it. But, it’s a solution and if you are not scared to open the device, you can try it.

The best solution to stop the PS5 buzzing is to adjust the stand slightly so the sound does not occur. When you hear the PS5 buzzing noise, press on the console and if that stops the sound, adjust the stand. You should be good to go until you move the console.

You may also be hearing a loud buzz due to the spinning of the disc drive, which could be vibrating the faceplates. If that’s the case, then remove the faceplates and put it back again and that should stop the sound.

As the issues mostly occurs when you have the PS5 standing vertically, you may want to position the console horizontally to avoid the issue altogether. If the issue still occurs, the best thing to do is to contact Sony and get their support staff to address the issue.

Let us know in the comments if you have a better solution or something that worked for you to resolve the PS5 buzzing noise.   

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