Fix PS4 and PS5 Error Code WS-116415-8 and WS-37398-0 | Can’t Sign Into PSN

As the PS5 stocks are reaching more and more players around the world, users are met with a range of error codes that they are unfamiliar with. Some users get the message “Something went wrong” accompanied with the PS5 Error Code WS-116415-8 or WS-37398-0 when trying to sign-into PS5. Although more reports of the error has come from PS5, it’s an error code that PS4 users also encounter from time to time. If you have encountered the error code and wondering what to do, you have come to the right place. There is a specific circumstance when this particular error occurs, we will talk about it in the post and help you resolve the error.

Fix PS4 and PS5 Error Code WS-116415-8 and WS-37398-0 | Can’t Sign Into PSN

The PS4 and PS5 Error Code WS-116415-8 and WS-37398-0 occurs specifically when the PSN network is down. As the server is down for maintenance, you cannot sign-in at the moment. At the time of writing this post, the servers are down and that’s the reason players are experiencing the issue. You will still be able to play offline games, but would be unable to jump into online games or access the PlayStation Store.

The good news for those with new consoles and wondering if there’s something wrong is there’s no problem on your end and you should be able to sign-in as soon as the PNS is back up. Don’t attempt any fix for the problem as it will be futile, the problem is not with your console but the PlayStation network that Sony will have to fix on their end. From time to time, you may experience the Error Code WS-116415-8. It happened when Sony pulls the server down for regular and usually announced maintenance.

Unlike several other errors with the PlayStation that can sometimes be confusing and you would have to root the problem, WS-116415-8 is a specific error code that appears when the PSN is down and there is no troubleshooting required on your end.

Besides the above error code, you may see another error, code WS-37398-0 that means one and the same thing. Users can see a mix of both the error, but the later occurs when the Sony servers are down. Regardless of any of the above error codes you encounter, there is nothing you can do on your end to fix the problem. It’s up to Sony to resolve the issue on their end.

Usually, problems like these don’t take long to be addressed and may be resolved within an hour to a few hours max. So, you will not have to wait for long to enjoy your favourite game.

When you see the error, a good place to look is the Sony’s PSN server status page. At the website, you will be able to tell if any of the PlayStation services are down. If the Account management, Gaming and social, and PlayStation Store are red, it means the specific service is down. Another website to check the status of the servers and see if other users in your region are experiencing the same problem is Downdetector website. Now that you know the cause of the PS5 and PS4 Error Code WS-116415-8 and WS-37398-0, be patient and wait for the servers to be back online.  

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