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Fix Pokémon Unite ‘Failed to reconnect to the server’ Error

Fix Pokemon Unite ‘Failed to reconnect to the server’ Error

Pokémon Unite has been just released on 21st July and has become one of the most popular choices of millions of players! You can not only play this game on Nintendo Switch but also this game is available on both platforms iOS and Android. This is a free-to-play, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA). However, this popular game has caused an issue due to the network. And because of this error, many of the players are not able to connect to the server. Following are some of the reasons for this network-related error to happen.

– Due to poor or unstable internet connection

– Something is wrong with your Nintendo Switch

– The server of Pokémon Unite should be down

– The gaming software may need a reboot

Are you suffering from the same issue, let’s find all the possible solutions here to fix Pokémon Unite’s ‘Failed to reconnect to the server’ error.

How to fix Pokémon Unite ‘Failed to reconnect to the server’ error

Go through all the following possible solutions one-by-one until you won’t see this error message.

1. Check Status of the Server

The very first thing you need to do is to check the server status. In case it is down due to some maintenance, you could receive such an error message. So, check the official Twitter handle @PokemonUnite and check the server status and ETA (if it is down).

2. Check Your Internet Connection

No internet connection or poor/unstable internet connection can also cause this error message. So, make sure your internet connection is working fine and its signal strength is also good.  

3. Simply Restart your Gaming Device

In this solution, you need to simply reboot your gaming device like Android, iPhone, or Nintendo Switch. This way the system will be refreshed and you won’t see this error message.

4. Check for the Latest Game Updates

In such massive online games, it is always advisable to keep the game updated. Make sure there is no new update is released. If you see the new updates, then get it done with the latest and full version.

5. Try to Use a Different Internet Connection

If any of the above-mentioned methods don’t work, do not worry! This can be the last resort. Try to connect your game with a different internet connection. It means, if you are using a wired internet connection then you can try to switch to the Mobile Data or Wi-Fi internet connection.

That’s all for this guide on how to Fix the Pokémon Unite ‘Failed to reconnect to the server’ error.

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