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Fix Pokémon Go “Take a snapshot of Bidoof” Not Working

Fix Pokemon Go “Take a snapshot of Bidoof” Not Working

In the Bidoof Breakout event, Bidoof is a unique research questline introduced in Pokémon Go. He has his Rewards and Special Research Tasks in the game. But recently, many players are reporting that the ‘Take a snapshot of Bidoof’ quest is not working at all on Pokémon Go. And because of this bug, many players are not able to progress in the game. So far, there is no official confirmation or solution revealed by the developer. However, several players went out their ways and tried some workarounds which we are going to show you in the following. Let’s check out how to fix Pokémon Go “Take a snapshot of Bidoof” not working. 

How to Fix Pokémon Go “Take a snapshot of Bidoof” Not Working

Check out the following some of the solutions to fix Pokémon Go “Take a snapshot of Bidoof” Not Working. 

1. Take any other picture from your inventory: This can be one of the best and easy solutions. First, take a snap of anyone in your inventory, and not a Pokémon that you got from the wild. And then, you can easily take a picture of Bidoof.

2. Disable file or storage permissions: Try to re-enable camera and storage permissions for Pokémon Go and then again try to take the Snapshot. This way, the problem will be fixed.

3. Reinstall the app again: If nothing works, then the last resort is to uninstall the app and install it again. 

These are some of the solutions to fix PokémonGo “Take a snapshot of Bidoof” Not Working.  

The same issue occurred last year as well but this time, we hope that the developer of this game, Niantic soon release its permanent solution. We will surely update you as soon as we have any updates on this.

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