Fix Phasmophobia Unable to Join Private Game or Game Not Updating

Fix Phasmophobia Unable to Join Private Game or Game Not Updating

The latest update for Phasmophobia brings a lot of new things and bug fixes. The game has added an accessibility page, you can now select the contract difficulty with a button, keyboard numpad to enter invite code, and a lot of other things. But, soon after the update players are reporting they are unable to join private games. Another set of users are unable to update the latest update for the game. If that sounds like something you have encountered, keep scrolling and we will help you address the issues with the game.

Fix Phasmophobia Unable to Join Private Game

The Phasmophobia unable to join private games issue prevents players from joining private games and gives the message that the game does not exist. Players have confirmed that the game does in fact exist, but they cannot join.

A while back the developers suggested players to switch to the unstable-beta to root out problems with the voice chat and a bunch of other issues. Since then, a lot of players have opted to play the game on the unstable version. However, if you are trying to join a game hosted by a player on the beta, the issue can arise where you cannot join the game.

A player on Steam confirms having the same issue with their group when a member of their group was on beta while the rest of them were playing on the unstable beta. When everyone shifted to the same version of the game, the issue of Phasmophobia private game won’t let you join went away.

Another reason you could be seeing the error message is because you are trying to join the wrong server. If you have the code for a server in Europe, don’t attempt to use that on the US server. SO, to fix the Phasmophobia game does not exist error, you must ensure that you have selected the right server, then, ensure that the version of your game matches that of the hosted private game.

Fix Phasmophobia Game Not Updating

If your game is not updating to the latest released patch, the first thing you must do is restart Steam. If you have the Steam client running while the update was pushed, it may not update. A simple reboot of the client should get the update. If that does not work, restart the system and launch the Steam client.

If you are on the beta of the game, switch to the unstable beta and you might see the update. At time moment, we do not know more about the update issue because a large number of players got it while a majority did not. We will update this post when we know more why Phasmophobia is not updating.

To switch to the unstable beta go to Library > Phasmophobia > Properties > Betas > Select Unstable Beta Build from the drop-down list.

That’s all we have in this guide, you can check the game category for informative guides on various issues with Phasmophobia. If we missed something or you have a better solution, share them in the comments.     

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