Fix Phasmophobia Stuck on 90% Loading Screen

Fix Phasmophobia Stuck on 90% Loading Screen

Phasmophobia is still in early access which means the game is still in development and there’s quite a lot of things that could change. It also means the game is not fully developed and tested, which can cause a range of errors and bugs like the microphone not working and the recent rise in players experiencing the Phasmophobia stuck on 90% loading screen. With this bug, the loading screen of the game starts normally with the percentage of load sliding upward until it reaches 90%, which it stops. Players are able to hear the ambient background sound, but the game refuses to load.

Fix Phasmophobia Stuck on 90% Loading Screen

The problem is occurring for players who were able to earlier play the game without any issue. We suspect it could be due to the recent patches to the game. The patch was supposed to resolve some of the old errors with the game, but it seems something has gone wrong. The good news is the developers even with their small team have been on top of most issues and have communicated workarounds. We can expect a hotfix for the issue in the next patch.

Fortunately, though, you don’t have to wait for the patch to play the game. From what we gather, the Phasmophobia stuck on 90% loading screen bug occurs when the save files of the game are corrupted. We do not know the exact reason why the files become corrupted, either could be due to a coding problem with the game or a fault at the user’s end. Whatever the reason, the save files become corrupted that lead to the loading screen stuck at 90%.

As the loading screen gets stuck at 90% for all users, it could possibly be a problem with the game and not your fault. Deleting the save game files and allowing the game to create new files is a quick and proven fix for the issue.

In order to perform the above fix, you need to go to the install location of the game and delete the saveData.txt file. This is the location where the file is located C:\Users\[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Kinetic Games\Phasmophobia. Once you are at the location, locate the saveData.txt file, but before you delete it, copy and save it to some other location in case you need it. You can also cut and paste the file in some other location. Once you have deleted the file or cut it to some other location, launch Phasmophobia and the game should work fine.

In most cases, deleting the file will result in progress lost, but a player on the Steam Community reported he did not lose game progress after deleting the file. Anyhow, you should save the file in case a patch is released that resolves the error and you need your game progress back. When you know that the issue has been resolved, simply place the file back at the location and you should have your progress back. Until new developments are reported on the Phasmophobia Stuck on 90% Loading Screen, this is the best solution you have to play the game.

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