Fix Phasmophobia Spirit Box Not Working | “No microphone detected” Error

Phasmophobia for some reasons did not make a buzz when the game launched even though it’s one of the best titles this month. The gameplay is awesome with both co-op and solo. It’s been overall bug free unlike several recent titles. But, there is one bug that’s been troubling player, Phasmophobia Spirit Box not working. The Spirit Box is a piece of equipment that help you when you go haunting ghosts, but with the box not working, you won’t be able to achieve that. Don’t worry though, seek scrolling and we will share all you need to know about the Spirit Box not working bug.

Fix Phasmophobia Spirit Box Not Working

The Spirit Box is essential in the game as it allows you to communicate with the ghost, but with it dysfunctional, you won’t be able to get clues from spirits, which can aid in defeating the evil ghosts. When you try to use the Spirit Box, you may get a notice “no microphone detected”. The situation can be frustrating and you need to resolve it to continue the game. Fortunately, the large number of players on the game means more heads to resolve the error and there is a quick fix.

Restarting the investigating is the best way to resolve the bug. When you see the error, exit to the main Menu and restart the game. Hopefully, the bug won’t appear again. The glitch is not widespread and we do not know what prompts the bug as it happens on rare occasions. Hopefully, when you relaunch the investigation, you won’t encounter the bug again.

Although the developers have not commented on the Spirit Box bug, they did acknowledge a problem with the voice servers and the chat not working issue on a Steam Community thread. So far in the game, we’ve received two patch for the game, which did resolve a lot of voice server error, but still some bugs persist. We can expect more hotfix in the coming patch, but until then, simply restart the game to fix the Phasmophobia Spirt Box not working with error “No microphone detected.”

When you start a new investigation, there is a chance that you might be disconnected from the voice servers, which monitor the chat with teammates and spirits. It will lead to the Spirit Box not working. You can check this at the start of the investigation, so you are not too far into the game and can restart without losing much progress.

As soon as you start the investigation, check with your team members if everyone has their sound working, if there is a glitch, restart the game from the lobby.

Another thing note as highlighted by a Reddit user, the glitch seems to surface when you Alt + Tab out of the game, so that’s something you should avoid. If you are used to exiting with Alt + Tab, play in windowed mode and use minimize and maximize to pause and resume the game.  

That’s all we have in this guide, we hope you have the solution for your sound bug in Phasmophobia.

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