Fix Phasmophobia Server Version Mismatch Error

Phasmophobia is still an early access game so some bugs and errors are understandable. But, besides the rare glitches, the game has had an incredible reception among fans and it could become one of the classics in the genre. Some player are reporting the Phasmophobia server version mismatch error when trying to join private match. When you try to invite a friend or join a friend you might see the version mismatch error. After seeing the error, the first thing you should do is check the game is updated to the latest version, both for yourself and the friend. Phasmophobia recently released a patch, so ensure you have the latest patch installed.

If the error still occurs, don’t worry we have another more effective solution to your problem that will allow you to join games without the matchmaking error. Scroll down for more.

Fix Phasmophobia Server Version Mismatch Error

If the above recommendation was not much help, you must ensure that your friend is not on the beta branch and both of you are on the current version of the game. It’s likely you are, in such a case the simplest and most effective fix is to select the correct region.

The Phasmophobia server version mismatch error is related to the server you have chosen. If you are playing on a different server from the friend you are trying to join you may see the error. For example, if you have US selected in the server list  and you try to join a friend in the EU, you may see the error. The solution is simple, ensure that both you and your friend have selected the same server region.

Another fix suggested by a user on Reddit is to change your servers, refresh, and go back to the original server. As the game is still under development and so it may bug out with your server selection, changing, refreshing, and then turning on the original server can fix the problem as the game will be able to detect your original servers.

Phasmophobia is currently undergoing some server issues with the mismatch version and with voice server errors like – chat not working and Spirit Box not working. The developers have acknowledged all the issues and have assured they are working on a solution. But they also said, the fix will take some time.

So, we may have to wait a while before all these minor bugs with the game resolve. Until then, you can refer our guides for various issues and workaround. So far, we have not had any game braking bug and the errors currently present in the game can be fixed with a simple restart of the investigation. When you encounter an error with the game, your best bet is to return to the main menu and start a new investigation from the lobby.

Another aspect, for some reason Alt + Tabbing out of Phasmophobia, leads to errors, so you should abstain from using the method to exit out of the game as it can increase the occurrence of bugs.       

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