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Fix Peacock App Not Working and Slow Loading

Fix Peacock App Not Working and Slow Loading

Peacock is one of the well-known and widely-used streaming services which is created by NBCUniversal. This platform offers a wide collection of movies, TV shows, original web series, news updates, live sports, and much more. But, since the last few days, many users are reporting that their Peacock App is not working and/or very slow loading. Sometimes, the TV app is also not working properly on Android, tablet, or iPhone devices including smart TVs. It is really frustrating and many users are in search of the best and working solutions. Here we have gathered all the possible solutions. Let’s find out how to fix Peacock App Not Working and Slow Loading.

How to Fix Peacock App Not Working and Slow Loading?

Try the following some of the best troubleshooting methods to fix Not Working and Slow Loading issues in the Peacock App.

Check and improve your internet connection

When the Peacock App is not working, the first thing you should do is check whether or not your internet is connection is working fine and has a proper speed. However, to improve the internet connection, check out the following a few methods:

1. Move your router near your device.

2. Try to connect the device to your modem directly and bypass the router.

3. Turn off other connected devices to the same network.

4. Turn off all the applications and downloads running in the background.

This way, you can improve your internet connection with the device.

Clear up Data and Cache on Peacock

Corrupted cache and/or data on the Peacock app may cause slow loading, so, one of the best solutions is to delete these caches and data on the app as well as on your browser. To do this:

1. Clear the cache on your browser:

– Select Clear Browsing History or Clear History.

– Set out the time to All History or All Range.

– Ensure to check the box beside cache, browser data, and cookies. 

2. Clear the cache on the Peacock App:

– Open up the Settings menu

– Navigate Peacock

– Go to Storage

– Select Clear Cache

Update the Peacock App and your device software

Last but not the least, another best solution is to update the Peacock App and your device software. So, make sure to get the latest version.

That’s how you can Fix Peacock App not working and the Slow Loading issue.

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