Fix Outriders Stuck on Signed In | Infinite Login Screen on PC and PS5

The Outriders Stuck on Signed In issue is affecting all platforms, but the problem is worst on PC and PS5. With any new multiplayer game, server strain in the initial few hours or days of release is normal. And with a title that’s as big as Outriders and millions of players attempting to play it, server issues are bound to happen. So, the reason Outriders is stuck at infinite login screen is the strain on the servers. But, can you fix the issue? Keep reading to know more about the problem and what you can do to get into the game fast.  

Fix Outriders Stuck Login Screen | Infinite Signing Loop

The good news is Square Enix is aware about the Outriders stuck on login screen and have confirmed to be working on a fix. With the issue, you are able to login the game, but it gets stuck there rendering you unable to proceed with the game.

This is not the first time such an issue has hit Square Enix games or other games for that matter and the fix that usually works is patience. In this case also, you should be able to get into the game after waiting for around 5 minutes, beyond that we suggest using the Activity Cards.

If you are on the PS5, you can simply use the Activity Card that appears on the home screen of the console. Using this option will allow you to skip the entire process and get to the last checkpoint. So, if the login is taking more than 5 minutes, you can simply use the option to bypass the issue and get to the game.

If you are on PC or other platforms, unfortunately, you do not have the same option as the PS5 and would have to restart the game after you have waited the recommended 5 minutes. Both the developer and the publisher of the game are prompt in addressing issues with the game. And since the developers are aware of the issue, it should be fixed in the coming days.

The issue may auto fix itself too. As the number of players on the game decrease and the servers become more stable the jump inn time or the matchmaking should improve and hence, you should now see the Outriders stuck login screen or infinite signing loop.

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