Fix Outriders Inventory Loot Bug

Outriders is one of the latest games which have been launched by Square Enix’s European subsidiary. This game has been getting a lot of mixed reviews from players around the world as it has a load of issues and bugs. One of the latest bugs in Outriders is ‘Loot Bug’ that is completely wiping inventories. Players are losing their hard-won loot to this bug that wipes out all their gears. Here is how to fix the loot wiping bug.

What is the Inventory Loot Bug

The so-called inventory error could cause player inventories to disappear completely. Some even lost their legendary weapons as a result. After the game crashed, many players could not find their inventories and items.

If you are one of the players who has faced the same issue, the following guide will be helpful.

How to Fix Outriders Inventory Loot Bag

There is not yet any official solution to get directly all of your lost loot back in the game. So, the best option is to avoid this issue and ensure that you and your friends have a stable internet connection while playing the game.

If the issue is continuing, check out some of the possible solutions in the following:

1. Avoid ‘Crossplay’ in the settings

Most of the players have reported that this bug occurs more often when using Crossplay. So, the best and easy solution to fix this issue is to disable “Crossplay” in the settings. Also, it will help to improve your matchmaking speed with other players on the same platform.

So, in short, you should avoid crossplay together for the time being.

2. Stick to single player

Most of the players have experienced this bug after disconnecting or crashing from Outriders while joining or leaving another gamer’s game. It is disappointing of course, but it is not the first time when the game has suffered from such problems.

The demo version of this game also had the same issue and the same bug still present in its final release. For now, the best option to play this game is to stick with the single-player.

Players are eagerly waiting for the solution and want their lost inventories. However, you only need to wait until developers could find some permanent solution for this bug.

According to the latest news, developers at People Can Fly have announced via Twitter that the issue has apparently been identified and developers are now working to compensate players who lost their weapons due to the inventory error. So far, there is no date set for fixes but it is expected to happen in the coming weeks. Learn more about Outriders – How to Kill Moloch in Outriders?

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