Fix Outriders Free Market Door Bug – Unable to Lift the Crate

On the third day of the Outriders release, things appear better than the initial launch. The server problems have reduced although there are still problems during peak hours. While there are some bugs in the game, there are easy workaround to bypass them. That’s why we say, the game appears solid at the time. The developers released the patch to fix stuttering for DirectX 11 and we can expect the game to be more stable in the coming days. One of the bugs that users are reporting appears when you are at A Free Market. The crate does not work, meaning you are unable to lift the craft.

If you have encountered the Outriders Free Market Door Bug, there are easy solutions. In fact, most of the game’s bugs can be fixed by this simple solution. There are a few other quests that are bugged in a similar way, so you can apply the same fix across all glitches in the game. Here is what you need to do.

Outriders – How to Lift Craft in A Free Market and Bypass Bug

As usual there are several things that you can do to bypass the bug and the solutions we will share are not the only ones. In fact, you can find your own. With the solutions, what we attempt to do is trigger the game to go back and rerun the codes, hoping the same glitch does not occur again and the reports from users have been very positive.

A Free Market Quest Bug

So, to fix the Outriders Free Market Door bug, the first thing you can do is leave the area, go back and perform a side quest or just go back to the camp and return. Attempt to lift the crates and it should work.

If the solution is ineffective, try to go back to the last Checkpoint or Story Point in the game and rerun the entire process. It can be a grind, but this works best to resolve the other errors with the game.

Finally, if the above two have failed to yield, rebooting the game should defiantly fix the problem.

Besides the Outriders Free Market Door bug, there are other sidequests that may be bugged. You can apply the above fixes. Additionally, we suggest that you leave the area when the bug appears, and the game will prompt you to return, don’t do it and you will be auto-sent to the area. When you return the bug should be gone.      

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