Fix Outriders Detour Mission Bug

Bugs and glitches are common in games and even the best of games like Destiny 2, Apex Legends, Fortnite, etc. all have bugs emerge from time to time, so without being too harsh on the developers, a new bug has emerged with Outriders. It’s with the Detour mission. After clearing the enemies and going to the end where the red paint on the wall players are unable to progress. The Outriders Detour mission bug is game breaking as players are completely unable to progress. However, there is a simple solution that you can try.

Fix Outriders Detour Mission Bug

Players who have encountered the Outriders Detour mission bug are wondering if they need to do something to progress or is it something they didn’t do in the previous scenes that causing the game to get stuck at that point. Here is what you need to know.

If you have killed everyone and reached the Red Wall and nothing happens, you have sadly run into the Detour mission bug. After killing everyone, there should be a second wave of bigger mob that should spawn with an elite or anomaly modified creature at the end. If the elite does not spawn, you cannot progress.

Outriders  Detour Mission Bug

The fix is simple, play the entire mission again and the bug should not trigger this time or try to leave the fighting area until you get the screen prompt to return, don’t return and keep heading out. Eventually, the game will send you back and the elite will spawn.

If leaving the area does not work, you will have to reset the mission and clear the enemies all over again. Exit to the lobby and select the story point before. Now, continue from the same point and the elite should spawn.

Once you have killed the elite, the story should progress and you are past the Outriders Detour Mission Bug.     

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