Fix Outriders Crashing and Freezing issues on Xbox One, Series X|S, PS4, and PS5

Outriders is now available for everyone before their next version. However, across the board, gamers run into stability issues on PC, Xbox One, Series XS, PS4, and PS5. So, here we have provided the best and easy solutions to fix these issues so you can enjoy this incredible game to the fullest! Without further ado, let us know how to fix it.

Fix Crashing and Freezing issues on Xbox Series X | S and PS5

To fix Crashing and Freezing issues on Xbox Series X | S and PS5, try the following steps.

Check for game updates available

  • Xbox Series X | S: Navigate to the “My games and apps” screen, then “Manage” > “Updates”.
  • PS5: Highlight the title and press the Options button, then select the “Check for updates” option.

Ensure that the console has adequate ventilation and does not overheat. Disable the cross-play beta feature from the game options menu.

Fix Crashing and Freezing issues on Xbox One and PS4

If you are playing this game on your Xbox One or PS4, here is the solution:

Install available patches

  • PS4: Press the Options button with the game highlighted, then choose “Check for Update” from the menu. 
  • Xbox One: Open “My Games & Apps” and scroll down to the “Manage” tab, then select the “Updates” option. 

Ensure that the console is kept in a well-ventilated area because overheating can cause freezing, malfunctions, and more technical problems. 

Disable cross-platform support through the options menu.

Fix Crashing and Freezing Issues on PC

If you are playing Outriders on your PC and if it is crashing and freezing while playing, check out the following steps to fix this issue.

  • Install the latest AMD or Nvidia graphics card drivers
  • Close all unnecessary applications running in the background.
  • Reduce the graphics settings as pressuring the PC hardware can cause hangs.
  • Update the Windows 10 (latest version) in the options menu, as it is a Beta feature that can have such negative side effects.

The reason for Crashing and Freezing issues on Outriders

The developer of Outriders has just released a free cross-platform demo version with cross-play enabled. At this time, this game is in high-demand and so jamming its servers and blocking players’ gaming sessions.

Also, it is important to note that this game is not yet fully developed. So, these issues might be fixed by the developer in its upcoming version.

Thus, as with any pre-launch product, glitches are part of the course. The transition to the full version should improve stability at least a little. Meanwhile, you can fix the issues by following the above methods.

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