Fix Outriders ‘A Bad Day’ Quest Bug

Fix Outriders 'A Bad Day' Quest Bug

It’s been over a week since the release of Outriders and there are some serious bugs with the game especially the inventory wipe bug. However, certain bugs have carried over from the demo like the A Bad Day quest bug. There have been several reports that the game crashes when trying to claim the reward for the sidequest. As such, is there a fix for Outriders ‘A Bad Day’ quest bug? Fortunately, there is a quick fix and it’s come from the developers, here is what you need to do.

How to Fix Outriders ‘A Bad Day’ Quest Bug

There is no problem with the quest itself that part goes on pretty smoothly. You clear the objectives and at the time of receiving the rewards for “A Bad Day” sidequest, the game crashes. No matter how many times you boot up or what you do the crash won’t be fixed.

The bug is triggered when the player has the Hell’s Rangers equipment in their inventory. For players who do not have the equipment, the bug never gets triggered and hence, no crash.

Outriders 'A Bad Day' Quest

The workaround for the Outriders ‘A Bad Day’ sidequest bug is to remove the Hell’s Rangers item from the inventory and place it in the Stash. Once you get the reward for the quest, you can bring back the items to your inventory.

So, that’s it. This simple workaround would allow you to get past the bug and continue with the game. If you have encountered some other bug with the game, let us know in the comments and we will try to find a solution.

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  1. Tried the fix and it is still bugged. I abonded the quest and going to try it again. I play on Xbox one X, if that helps.

    1. Did you retry the quest. I guess that’s the only option you have.

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