Fix One Piece Odyssey Screen Tearing Issue

 Fix One Piece Odyssey Screen Tearing Issue

One Piece Odyssey is a popular video game based on the popular manga and anime series, One Piece. However, many players have reported Screen Tearing issue in the game. In this article, we will go throught the issue and provide a few solutions for the issue.

Screen tearing occurs when the video frame rate of the game is not synced up with the refresh rate of the player’s monitor, causing the image on the screen to appear as if it is “tearing” or being pulled apart. This can result in a jarring and unpleasant visual experience for players.

One Piece Odyssey is not the only game to suffer from screen tearing, as it is a common issue in many video games. However, it is particularly frustrating for players of One Piece Odyssey, as the game’s fast-paced action and fluid animations make the screen tearing all the more noticeable.

How to Fix One Piece Odyssey Screen Tearing Issue?

Although the officials are aware of this issue, but the issue is not yet solved. Player can try a few solutions to fix the issue. Here are some solutions to fix screen tearing issue in One Piece Odyssey. 

Turn off Vsync

The first is to disable the game’s built-in v-sync option. V-sync, or vertical synchronization, is a feature that syncs the frame rate of the game with the refresh rate of the player’s monitor. Players have reported that turning off the in-game VSync option and then forcing it on via the NVIDIA panel can help to alleviate the screen tearing issue. 

To do this, open the NVIDIA control panel and go to the “Manage 3D settings” tab. Under the “Sync and Refresh” section, select “Fast” for the “Vertical sync” option and enable “Triple buffering.” This will force VSync to be on, even if it is turned off in the game.

Disable Mouse acceleration

Additionally, players have reported that disabling mouse acceleration and increasing mouse sensitivity can improve the gameplay experience.

It’s also worth noting that some players have reported that screen tearing is less of an issue when playing the game in full screen mode as opposed to windowed mode. This may be due to the way that the game handles the display resolution in each mode, and may be worth experimenting with if you are experiencing screen tearing.

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With these solutions in mind, players should be able to enjoy One Piece Odyssey without the distraction of screen tearing.

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