Fix Oddworld: Soulstorm Slig Stops Moving Bug

Slings are a perceptive species found in the Oddworld Soulstorm game, serving as personal assistant and security to the Magog Cartel. These green-coloured creatures have robotic legs and tendrils on their mouth come in 10 different variants. Recently, this game causes several issues and bugs. One of the bugs stops the Slings to move. This glitch stops Slings in their tracks and keeping them a consistent watch in only one direction which is irritating while playing the game.

In the following, we have discussed several solutions to fix Oddworld Soulstorm Slig stops moving bug.

How to Fix Oddworld Soulstorm Slig Stops moving bug

To resume their moving, you need to follow the steps which we are going to mention in the following guide.

1. You have to draw their attention in anyways. So, essentially, you will make them panic and they will reset their path hopefully. To do this, you can throw anything at them.

2. Or, you can also hang a cliff to warn them and then clamber back up quickly before they attack you.

3. If it seems tough, you can also make some noise or chant to move them out of it. 

Any of the above-mentioned actions will break their consistent watch and will resume their moving. Still, nothing works, then

4. Unfortunately, you need to restart your play from the last checkpoint.

What happens when this bug occurs?

When this glitch triggers, a Slig stops and sticks on its track and keeps staring in one direction. This problem is quite serious since most of the time, this Slig will cover the path you want to take to progress in the game. Many times, she might be lucky enough and stuck staring the wrong way. In such a case, we recommend leaving it in the same situation. And if not, you can use any of the tips above-mentioned to fix this error. 

So far, there is no official solution revealed by the developer so we all are waiting for the official confirmation from the dev. Till then, you can enjoy your game by applying these tricks.

That’s all in this guide on Fix Oddworld Soulstorm Slig Moving bug. If you are eager to know more about this game, do not miss to check out our other posts and guides. Learn How to Fix Oddworld: Soulstorm Abe Freeze Bug and Other Known Issues.

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