Fix Oddworld: Soulstorm Abe Freeze Bug and Other Known Issues

Fix Oddworld Soulstorm Abe Freeze Bug

Oddworld: Soulstorm, a game announced back in 2016 and delayed several times has officially released, but players may not be able to play the game on PC at the time as Epic Games Store services are down and the game is an EGS exclusive. However, there is a serious bug in the game that the developers have confirmed. It’s what the title says, the bug freezes Abe in his path and you cannot continue with the game. Fortunately, there is a simple fix.

How to Fix Oddworld: Soulstorm Abe Freeze Bug

Besides the Abe freeze bug, there are a couple of other bugs with the game, the most concerning, a bug that deletes the saves. However, the developers have assured that they have patched the bug and there is a slim chance of it resurfacing. Slim they say, so it’s possible you may encounter it.

Besides that, another bug has Abe stuck in an infinite loop when jumping, performing death interruptions, or falling. Then, we have the Abe freeze bug. If you encounter these two bugs, the solution is simple, reboot the game or load the previous save and the bug should not resurface.

There is a bug with Oddworld: Soulstorm exclusive to PS4 and PS5 that boots the player to the Home Screen. If you encounter the bugs, there is a patch in the works that would soon be out and address all the four known bugs with the game.

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