Fix NVIDIA Control Panel “Access Denied” Error on PC

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NVIDIA Control Panel is a very popular and useful software application by NVIDIA. It allows users to access several settings and configurations for their NVIDIA GPU. But unfortunately, many users are running into an “Access Denied” error on PC. According to reports, an ‘Access Denied’ error appears when users open the Nvidia control panel and try to change things within the Manage 3D Settings. Due to this issue, they are not able to apply any changes they have made. If you are encountering the same error and want to get rid of it with some quick and easy workarounds, then stick to this guide. Let’s find out how to fix the NVIDIA control panel ‘Access Denied’ error on the PC.

How to Fix NVIDIA Control Panel “Access Denied” Error on PC

‘Access Denied’ error in the NVIDIA Control Panel can occur due to several reasons that include user account restrictions, conflicting software, administrative privileges, etc. Here we show you all potential methods to fix this error.

1. Run the NVIDIA Control Panel as an Admin

First of all, give the control panel admin privileges to fix this error. To do this: Win + S keys on your keyboard and go to NVIDIA Control Panel >> Right-click on it >> Select “Run as administrator”. Once done, check if the error is fixed.

2. Repair or Reset the App

Some users have managed to resolve this error by repairing or resetting the app. For this:

– Go to Apps and Features by right-clicking on Start

– Right-click on Start and select “Apps and features”

– Go to Nvidia Control Panel >> Advanced options >> Terminate and Repair

– If that doesn’t work, try to use “Reset”

– Once done, check if the error is gone or not

3. Disable the Games Bar

Game is intended to improve the overall gaming experience but sometimes it causes multiple issues. So, try disabling the games bar and it will resolve the “Access Denied” error in the NVIDIA Control Panel. Here are the steps: Press Win + I keys to go to Settings >> Select Gaming >> Game Bar >> Switch it to OFF.

4. Update Your NVIDIA Graphics Card Driver

The next method we suggest is to update your NVIDIA graphics card driver manually because an outdated graphics card driver can also cause this error. You can get the latest GPU drivers on the official NVIDIA website.

5. Roll-Back Drivers

Some users suggest that to fix the NVIDIA Control Panel ‘Access Denied’ error on PC, you need to roll back drivers to their previous versions and check if this trick worked.

– Go to Device Manager by right-clicking on Start

– Expand Display adapters >> Right-click on your graphics card >> Properties >> Driver >> Roll Back driver

– Choose a reason and then click on “Yes”

– Restart your system

6. Disable Third-Party Software

Sometimes, the third-party software can interfere with the NVIDIA Control Panel so try disabling programs like system optimizers or antivirus programs temporarily and check if the error is eliminated.

That’s it for this guide. Try all of these methods one-by-one until you can fix the NVIDIA Control Panel “Access Denied” error on PC.

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