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Fix New World ‘Unexpected steam_appid.txt file found’ Error

Fix New World Steam_appid Error

New World is right around the corner and available for players to preload. Once you have preloaded the game, you can access the menu, but the servers are not online yet. But, some players are running into issues as they try to launch the game. One of the most reported at the time is the New World Steam_appid error. While the error may seem daunting it’s quite easy to resolve. Keep reading and we will help you fix New World ‘Unexpected steam_appid.txt file found’ error in no time.

‘Unexpected steam_appid.txt file found’ Error

How to Fix New World ‘Unexpected steam_appid.txt file found’ Error

If you get the New World ‘Unexpected steam_appid.txt file found’ error, it means the named text file has been created and that’s the reason you cannot open the game. Steam creates this file when certain games have the admin privilege, it doesn’t happen with all games and in this case, the NewWorldLauncher.exe has admin rights, which is leading to the error. So, to fix the error, here are the steps you need to follow.

  1. From the Steam Library, right-click on New World > Manage > Click on Browse Local Files
  2. You should not be able to locate the steam_appid.txt in the window that opened
  3. Delate the steam_appid.txt
  4. Right-click on NewWorldLauncher.exe and choose Properties
  5. Go to the Compatibility tab and uncheck Run this program as an administrator.
delete steam_appid.txt file

The reason you are seeing this error is because of the game launcher running in admin mode. Once you delete the file and revoke the admin privilege, the file will not be created and you can run the game without the New World Steam_appid error.   

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