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Fix New World ‘Unable to establish connection with the server’ Error

Fix New World 'Unable to establish connection with the server' Error

Amazon Game Studios have recently released the beta for Open World. The game is an open-world MMO and appears to be impressive in the first few hours of play. However, a range of users is reporting the New World ‘Unable to establish a connection with the server’ Error. As of now, not much is known about the error and the developers have confirmed it’s not a server-side problem, which becomes an issue as you have to resolve it on your end.

While we are still working on the most appropriate solution for the problem, we have certain things you can try. So, stick around and follow our fixes and you may actually fix the connection error and jump into the game.

Fix New World ‘Unable to establish connection with the server’ Error

Corporations and game studios never officially confirm some solutions like using a VPN. But for the New World ‘Unable to establish a connection with the server’ Error, this seems to be the most effective fix. Read below all the fixes you can try to resolve the error.   

Check your Internet Conenction is Not the Porblem

With server problems, the most likely cause is either the server crashed or is down for maintenance or there is a problem with the internet connection of the user. Try to play other online games to verify your internet connection. If the internet connection is fine, the problem may be with the servers. Click on this link to check the status of your individual server.

Start the Game from Correct Client

Another possible cause of the error is you are not starting the game from the correct client. If you participated in the previous betas or the alpha, you may be starting the game from that client and it could be the cause of the error. Start the game from the current beta client and the New World “Conenction Error. Unable to establish connection with the server” error will be resolved.

Disable IPv6

Disabling the IPv6 is also known to fix this error. To disable it, look for the network or Wi-Fi icon on the Tray Menu and right-click on it. Choose Open Network and Sharing Center > Change Adapter Settings > right-click on the active network adapter and select Properties > uncheck Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) and press OK.

Play the Game After Peak Hours

Another possible cause for the error may be a simple glitch or server issue caused due to overdemand or strain on the servers. More than 200,000 players have participated in the New World closed beta and it could be causing issues. So, the best solution is to play the game when fewer players are participating.

Use a VPN

Put simply, a VPN is software that allows you to access the server of another location. It directs you to the server in another country and you access the internet via that server. A lot of users on various forums have confirmed that the connection problem with New World can be fixed by using a VPN. We have created a list of the best free VPNs in the market, you can refer to the list. Simply install the ExpressVPN, select a server and launch the game. Under most circumstances, your error will be fixed unless the connection problem is caused by third-party software or any other program running on your system. In that case, refer to the next post.    

Perform a Clean Boot

With so many games, third-party software that forcefully injects themselves between operations causes various types of errors. Hence, to resolve the New World connection error you must suspend all unnecessary programs and perform a clean boot. Here is the step you can follow.

  1. Press Windows Key + R and type msconfig, hit Enter
  2. In General tab, uncheck Load startup items
  3. Go to the Services tab
  4. Check Hide all Microsoft services
  5. Now, click Disable all
  6. Go to the Startup tab and click on Open Task Manager link
  7. Select each task, right-click, and click on Disable (Do this one at a time for all tasks)
  8. Restart the system and launch the game.

If the game works, enable one program at a time to identify the specific program that’s causing the issue.

Disable the Antivirus or Windows Defender   

Turn off the Windows Defender or the antivirus software to troubleshoot the issue. Sometimes that security software might block certain functions of the game. If the game works after disabling the software, you need to provide exclusion to the game executable and Javelin_x64 on your firewall.

If the New World ‘Unable to establish a connection with the server’ Error still occurs, refer to this post after a few days as we will update it with more effective solutions.

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  1. Nothing works for me. Still get the Unable to establish connection error after all the fixes. Haven’t tried the VPN though, but that’s too much for me.

  2. I fixed my issue by disabling IPv6 Protocol on my PC.

    1. Thanks, disabling IPv6 fixes a bunch of errors in this game including the No Product Information Found. We have updated the post with your fix.

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