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Fix New World Too Many Requests Exception Error

Fix New World Too Many Requests Exception Error

New World is a survival adventure game by Amazon Games released on 28th September 2021. It is one of the biggest gaming projects done by Amazon Games. It is an MMORPG available in Windows.

While trying to join the server, you must have face the notification that says ‘Too Many Requests Exception’ error, and you hit the play button again and again to join the game. This article will let you know how to fix this ‘Too Many Requests Exception’ Error.

Fix New World Too Many Requests Exception Error

The method of fixing this error is quite simple. When you face this error, don’t do anything- don’t press the play button, don’t change your character, don’t close the game. All you need to do is click on the ‘ok’ button on the popup message and wait. You’ll eventually be put into the queue again and exact at the position where you got the error in the first place.

Players who use this method have seen that they eventually join the queue after some time and back to where they got the error. If you press the play button or change your character or reload the game, you’ll be kicked out of the queue, and once you join, again, you’ll join as the last one in the queue.

Sometimes, as the players reported, even if their position is within 50, then also they are thrown out of the queue, and they need to join the line again. Therefore, though it is not the accurate solution to the problem, this has helped many players from joining the queue again.

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