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Fix New World No Sound, Muffled Sound, No Background Sound, Audio Loop, etc.

Fix New World No Sound or Audio Problems

The success of New World is unlike any title we have seen this year. The game was the best seller on Steam one week prior to launch and is still there. While the reviews are mixed, it’s mostly because of the long queues, which will be fixed in the coming days (hopefully). At the time of writing, the concurrent players on the game are above 850K, which has grown since launch. It suggests that we finally have a first blockbuster from the Amazon Games Studio. But, there are some issues and bugs with the game. A lot of users have reported audio problems while running the game.

There are all kinds of audio problems in New World from the completely no sound, to muffled sound, sound loop, wireless headphones not working, missing background music, etc. Fortunately, the New World audio bugs are not widespread and there are solutions you can try. Keep reading to know the solutions.

How to Fix New World No Sound, Muffled Sound, No Background Sound, Audio Loop, etc.

New World is not the smoothest of launches you can expect, but it’s decent and will only get better as more patches are released. Fortunately for the New World audio problems, there are solutions for almost all of them. Keep reading to fix New World no sound, muffled sound, no background sound, audio loop, and other related issues.

  1. Close the game completely and start again.
  2. Disable the in-game voice chat.
  3. Press Alt + Tab twice to exit and reenter the game.
  4. Open the inventory by pressing Tab and then return to game by hitting the same button again.
  5. Force terminate the game and the Steam processes.
  6. Verify the integrity of game files.
  7. Restart the PC and the game.
  8. Play the game on the default setting and keybind.
  9. If the problem occurs at a specific location, leave the area and return.

If the headphone is not working, change “XM3 Headset” to “XM3 Stereo” from the Communications settings. There are all the fixes that have worked for users with different types of audio problems. We hope that one of them works for you to resolve the New World audio or sound bug.

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