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Fix New World Keeps Running After Closed

Fix New World Keeps Running After Closed

New World is turning out to be a hit after all the delays and the failures of the studio. Currently, there is a range of issues with the game, mostly server-related, but issues like these are expected when a game is in early access. One of the issues reported on the official forums is New World keeps running after the game is closed. The reason for this may be that some other process of the game is running in the background. Until you close all the associated applications with the game, the game would continue to consume resources. Stick with this post and we will show you how to fix New World still running after exit.

How to Fix New World Keeps Running After Closed

If you have closed the game on the Steam client, but the launcher is failing to detect that New World is closed, the simple fix is to restart the Steam client. If the game opened any browser, you need to also close the browser to fix New World won’t close.

Fix New World Keeps Running After Closed

If restarting Steam does not resolve the issue, look for any other game that’s running and uses Easy Anti-Cheat. Close the game that has the Easy Anti-Cheat running and your issue would be resolved.

One of the simplest fix for the whole issue is to close everything and restart the system. When you reboot, New World should be closed and you can relaunch it again.

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