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Fix New World High CPU Temp

Fix New World High CPU Temp

Ever since the beta, the performance of New World has always been in question with rumors of the game bricking GPU, which was then attributed to an issue on EVGA end. But, still, a lot of users regularly complain of the New World high CPU temp. People have their CPU heat to nearly 850C while stilling in the game’s menu. While the overheating is a problem, the game also becomes unplayable as the FPS drops and the game starts to stutter. If you have encountered overheating with the game, we have some solutions you can try.

How to Fix New World High CPU Temp

High CPU temp is not a good thing because it can have a permanent impact on the GPU and the CPU. Continuing to run the game in high CPU temp can melt the connection on the motherboard, but that’s the least of your concerns, the GPU and CPU can be bricked as well. Here are the solutions to fix the New World high CPU temperature.

  1. Ensure that your Processor Power management’s min power state is below 15. We have it set to 5%, but you can have it to higher, but it should not be above 50%. Having it up too high will make the CPU work at max at all times and that can cause overheating. You will have this problem if you have set the power option for max performance, balanced on the other hand auto-sets the value to acceptable limit of 5%. Here is how to alter the settings.
    • In the Windows Search, type Edit Power Plan
    • Click on Change advanced power settings
    • Expand Processor power management
    • Expand Minimum processor state
    • Change the settings to somewhere in the range of 20%
  2. If you have followed the above method and the game is stuttering it’s because the performance settings for power counter the stutter and FPS drop in-game by giving the game the boost it requires. If the above method is making the game unplayable or you are getting undesirable FPS and consequent stutter, try limiting the FPS. Change the power settings to Performance and cap the FPS of the game through in-game menu or the Nvidia Control Panel.
  3. Do not overclock. OC is supposed to give you performance boost but it comes with a lot of caveat as it make the GPU unstable. You can see crashes and healing as a result of OC. Do not overclock the CPU or GPU and you should see the difference in the CPU temp.

That’s all we have in this guide, we hope you were able to reduce the New World high CPU temp by following one of the solutions. We will update the post when we have more info. If you have a solution we didn’t cover, please drop them in the comments.    

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  1. This helped me get from 80c to steady 70c tysm

  2. Is it the minimum or maximum processor state I should be changing?

    1. the minimum…

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