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Fix New World Faction Reputation Stuck at 3000

Fix New World Faction Reputation Stuck at 3000

Faction Reputation is one of the essential things in the New World game. As soon as you reach level 10, you will want to join a faction as it offers you several benefits of gaining missions that give you Gold, extra XP, and Reputation and Faction Tokens. These tokens you can use further to obtain some special armors, consumable items, and weapons. However, recently players are experiencing that the New World Faction Reputation Capped at 3K and so players are not able to go higher. Let’s find out what to do when New World Faction Reputation is stuck at 3000.

How to Fix New World Faction Reputation Capped at 3K

Well, at first it seems that the Faction Reputation is stuck at 3k but actually it isn’t. Once you reach 3000 Faction Reputation, immediately, you will be asked to complete a quest or you will need to visit a faction representative. This way, you will be able to unlock the next tier. So, essentially, you will have 2 quests:

1. Complete a quest

2. Or simply talk to your faction representative

For instance, the very first rank quest for the Marauders is Trial of the Gladiator. In this quest, you need to talk to the faction guy in Cutless Keys and after that, they will update the quest and will send you to the Monarch’s Bluff region. When you kill an enemy there, your rank will be upgraded to Gladiator instantly.

However, we can’t say now for every faction, but it has to be the same solution for every faction. If you have already tried for something else and want to help other players, do not miss to leave your experience in the comment section below.

That’s everything you need to know how to fix New World Faction Reputation Stuck at 3000.  

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