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Fix New World Compass Tracking Not Working Bug

Fix New World Compass Tracking Not Working Bug

Resources are an utterly essential part of the New World. These resources are divided into three different categories – Collecting, Refining, and Farming. Some collecting resources include ore, stone, animal hide, some of the refined resources such as gemstones, ingots, leather, etc. However, sometimes, it is very difficult to spot such items in New World. Fortunately, this game features a good tracking feature which is – Compass Tracking. This feature allows you to make your way and so you can track resources easily. However, recently players are reporting that the Compass Tracking feature is not working in New World due to a bug. Let’s find out how we can fix Compass Tracking Not Working bug in New World.

How to Fix New World Compass Tracking Not Working Bug

Recently, players have started reporting an issue in which the Compass Tracking feature is not working and that happens any time during the play. Sometimes it happens while joining a party or after completing an Expedition. Since, devs have yet not shared some strong fixes, here we have gathered some solutions you can try. Check the following solutions:

1. First of all, try to fix this issue by logging out and logging in again into the game. If that doesn’t solve, try to open the game after 3 to 4 hours.

2. If that doesn’t fix, try to close down the game and PC and then restart them.

These are not permanent fixes, so sometimes, it may not work for all players but you can at least give it a try.

Many players have noticed this issue occurs particularly when they access Amrine Expedition. So, it is advisable to avoid this dungeon until the devs fix this issue.

Unfortunately, so far, we have only these two solutions to fix New World Compass Tracking Not Working Bug. If you have come across any new solutions, do let us know in the comment section below.

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