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New World is an enormously popular MMO game by Amazon Games that has recently crossed 800k concurrent players. Because of such a huge demand, devs have already added 200+ servers to handle a huge crowd but still, it seems that they are not sufficient. Since there are several new issues are happening on daily basis due to overwhelming demand, Amazon Games have now implemented certain restrictions. Recently, they have Tweeted and Posted to the news section on their website about it. They have announced that they’ve implemented a system on their servers to stop users from creating new characters. That means now no new characters can be created on the servers. 

Many players might be wondering then how to fix New World Character Creation Disabled Error, let’s check out the following.

How to Fix New World Character Creation Disabled Error

Because of this restriction, many players are experiencing an error message that says – “Character creation temporarily disabled on this server to prevent overpopulation”. Here are some simple possible solutions to fix New World Character Creation Disabled Error.

1. To fix New World Character Creation Disabled Error, attempt to join another server and create your new character there but you won’t be able to play with your friends if they are on some other server.

2. If you want to enjoy this game with your friends, another thing you can do is to create your character on a queue-less or low queue server and then transfer your character off that server and resume when they are live. You can check on the New World official support page whether or not the World is full and join the server accordingly.

3. The last solution is to wait for some time until the servers have empty slots.

Thus, if you are getting this error, simply try a different server and create a new character there. The only problem is that if your friends are playing on some other server, they can’t join you. However, some players are still facing overpopulation errors after joining other servers, but, Amazon has stated that the characters created before getting this error message won’t be affected and so they can still log in without any issues.

Since the Amazon Games is keeping adding new servers periodically, the issue will be resolved in the coming future but so far, players are not able to do anything beyond these above-mentioned solutions.

That’s all for this guide on how to Fix New World Character Creation Disabled Error.

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