Fix New World Black Screen and Long Load Times

New World came under a lot of criticism on the Steam discussion, but the current player count was truly unexpected. At the time of writing, more than 200,000 players have participated in the Closed Beta. With such a large number of players participating in the game and the online nature, some issues were bound to happen. A lot of users are complaining about the New World black screen and long load times. If you have encountered this issue, there may be some things you can do about it. Stick with us through the post.

How to Fix the New World Black Screen and Infinite Loading

When you first boot up the game, there is a brief black screen before the game starts. This happens after you have created the character. The black screen is normal, but a lot of players are complaining that the black screen continues infinitely and they have to force close the game. The New World black screen and infinite loading or long load times may be caused by several issues.

Ensure your System Provides the Required Performance

One of the main reasons for the New World infinite loading maybe your RAM. If your RAM is not supplying the necessary horsepower to run the game, the game may fail to load and you will be stuck on the black screen. It also applies to the other resources on your system such as the GPU and CPU. If you meet the system requirements of the game and the issue still occurs, we suggest that you boot up the game in a clean boot environment.

Lack of Slots on the Server

Another possible cause for the New World long load times is the number of payers trying to join and the load on the servers. There may not be enough slots on the server to assign you and hence, the game is stuck at that point. It’s a very likely situation and for most players, this may be the cause of the problem. In this case, you can’t do anything other than rebooting the game and retrying. But, don’t do that until you have waited for at least 10 minutes for the game to start. Usually, the game starts at that time. If it does not, it would give you an error.

These are the only two solutions for the New World black screen and the long load times. Check out the game category for more informative guides and tips to play the game.       

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