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Fix New World Abandoning Event Notification Stuck on Screen

Fix new World Anandoning Event Notification Stuck on Screen

New World is a survival game full of activities and events. Most of the Events in New World offer you exciting rewards, a chance to fight or explore. Players who play events in New World have faced a new kind of problem: the window with the notification “Aabdoning Event” is stuck on their screen and according to some players, the window gets bigger with time. In this guide, we’ll try to solve the problem and provide you with some probable fixes.

Fix New World Abandoning Event Message Doesn’t Disappear

As we have already mentioned, New World has many events, and some of them are not worth the effort. So, players often leave those events. The problem begins when players try to leave an event. The window that contains- “Abandoning Event” appears, and then sometimes it is stuck on the screen. Some players have reported that this window gets more prominent with time and causes the other pinned quests to disappear. It is a significant problem that is making the experience of playing this game worse.

Unfortunately, until now, there has been no permanent solution to this problem. Currently, there is no ‘Refresh UI’ option to fix this problem. But there are some temporary fixes to this issue, as players suggest on Reddit and other forums.

The easiest solution to this problem is to restart the game. Restarting your game will get you relief from that message, but you have to join the queue once again to enter the game. The server is always flooded with people, so it’ll take a long time to join the server again.

Another solution to this problem is to leave the event screen and join another corrupted portal event and finish it again. You can also go to another corrupted event and kill some enemies. Then try to step back. The only problem is that if you do this, your quests appear lower on the screen, moving over the abilities and weapon UI, and creating more problems.

Until now, there has been no solution given by the developers. And the solutions given here may not work for every player. You can avoid this issue by not abandoning events. If you don’t abandon an event in the first place, the notification will never show up. Therefore, until a permanent solution to the problem is found, try not to abandon events in New World.

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