Fix New Pokémon Snap Requests Not Working

A lot of New Pokémon Snap players are finding themselves in frustrating situation where the requests aren’t working. It’s preventing them from submitting the photos and getting the rewards for them. A lot of players are wondering if it’s a bug with the game, but, there is an easy workaround. There is a very specific reason why the New Pokémon Snap Requests are not working. Keep reading to know the cause and the solution.  

How to Fix New Pokémon Snap Requests Not Working

As noted by several players on Reddit, the issue arises when the player has already submitted the photo for evaluation prior to receiving the request. To fix the New Pokémon Snap Requests not working, you need to submit the photo with same star rating or higher if you have already submitted the photo before getting the request through the LenTalk request system.

Besides the above case, the request may not be completing because you have not handed the photo to Professor Mirror for evaluation. At the end of the level, you need hand the photo for the LenTalk request to Professor Mirror. Failing that the request won’t be complete.

When fulfilling the request, fulfil all the requirement or the requests may not work.

Be mindful of the above three things and the New Pokémon Snap Requests Not Working bug would not haunt you.    


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