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Netflix is one of the extremely popular streaming platforms. It offers a large collection of TV shows and movies. But unfortunately, this popular streaming platform also has its fair share of bugs and errors. One of the common errors faced by many users is the error UI-200 which causes frustration for its users. The error code usually comes with the error message – “Connection error: We are unable to connect you to Netflix.” Due to this error, users are unable to connect Netflix to TV. In this guide, let’s find out what is the reason behind Netflix error UI-200 and how you can fix it with some quick and easy workarounds. 

How to Fix Netflix Error UI-200

Like many other Netflix users, if you are also receiving error code UI-200 then nothing to worry about, this error is fixable. Usually, this error occurs due to connectivity-related issues and this guide has covered all potential solutions to get rid of it.

Reactivating Your Device with your Netflix

One of the main reasons why you are encountering error UI-200 in Netflix is because your Netflix account has been desynchronized from your device and so you need to reactivate it. Here is how you can do it.

For Roku and Smart TV: 

– Run the Netflix app 

– Press the arrow keys of the remote

– Press the Deactivate button 

– Close it and then launch Netflix

– Log in using your Netflix credentials and check if that helped

For PlayStation Console:

– Run Netflix, then press and hold down Start and select button of the controller for more than 1 minute to log out successfully

– Once done, close and run Netflix again

– Login and the error should be gone

If this method doesn’t help, worry not and check the next method to fix the issue.

Clear Cache Data of your Device

The next best method to fix Netflix error UI-200 is to clear out cache data or files from your device and then check, the issue should be eliminated.

Logging Out all Devices Using a Web Browser

This is also one of the best and most effective methods to fix the UI-200 error in Netflix. Here is what you need to do:

– Go to the official website of Netflix

– Log into your account

– Click on your Profile Picture >> Account >> Sing out of all devices >> Sign Out

– This process may take about 8 hrs. and then run Netflix and the error should be fixed

That’s everything you can try to fix Netflix error UI-200.

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