Fix NBA 2K22 Error Code 4b538e50 & efeab30c

Fix NBA 2K22 Error Code 4b538e50

NBA 2K has a lot of error codes and not all errors have a proper explanation; fortunately, though, the NBA 2K22 Error Code 4b538e50 & 2fd7b735 are very well documented. If you have run into any of these errors, you can resolve them. The official website has a massive article dedicated to the causes and fixes for the error code. You can follow the link to the website. Read further to know actionable solutions to fix the errors as well as community fixes.

How to Fix NBA 2K22 Error Code 4b538e50 & efeab30c

For most users, the most likely cause of the error would be a mismatch between the server version of the game and the client. Updating the game to the latest version should resolve the error. The NBA 2K22 Error Code 4b538e50 & efeab30c stops the game in its way until the download is complete. Once the download is complete, the game will prompt you with the update. Spending some time in the “Play Now” mode should help you trigger the download.

Besides the game not being updated, there are a bunch of other reasons that can lead to the error. Here are all the reasons and possible workaround.

  1. You need to verify your account. Go to and log-in with your credentials. Once you login, your account should be verified.
  2. Ensure that you do not have more than 5 NBA 2K accounts on your console. The max limit for account a single console user can possess is 5.
  3. Ensure that the game in whitelisted on your antivirus or the Windows defender
  4. Also, just to ensure that there is no third-party applications interfering with the game, boot the game after a clean boot. The step only applies to PC users.
    • Press Windows Key + R and type msconfig, hit Enter
    • In General tab, uncheck Load startup items
    • Go to the Services tab
    • Check Hide all Microsoft services
    • Now, click Disable all
    • Click on Apply and OK.
  5. If you have cleared the reserve space for the game and aborted the recreation process, the NBA error code efeab30c occur. When you clear the reserved space from your console, the game will attempt to recreate it and if you terminate the process the error can occur.
  6. Finally, if nothing has worked, there could be an issue with the game syncing. Open the game and select “Play Now.” Allow the game to stay here until you get the update message. It can sometimes take hours so be patient.

These are all the solutions you can try to fix the NBA 2K22 Error Code 4b538e50 & efeab30c. If the error still persists after trying all the above steps, let us know in the comments, or if you have other solutions share them with others.  

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