Fix NBA 2K21 “Unable to synchronize user profile information”

Nowadays, more and more online video games are causing multiple errors. NBA 2K21 is also one of them. Recently, players of NBA 2K21 are getting a new error which is “Unable to synchronize user profile information”. This error comes up when unplanned outages, routine maintenance, or service interruptions. And also it comes, in rare cases, when there is a problem with the local network. Remarkably, this error doesn’t mean that you have lost your cloud saved data, it only means that the server is not able to recover your profile information which is saved to the cloud.

Let us check out some of the instructions we can follow to fix NBA 2K21 “Unable to synchronize user profile information”

How to Fix NBA 2K21 “Unable to synchronize user profile information”

Most probably, the issue is from the server-side, we can’t do much to solve this problem, however, there are some instructions we can follow meanwhile.

Check Server Status of NBA2K

As soon as you get this error, the first thing you should do is to visit the official webpage to check NBA2K Server Status to make sure whether or not the service is running smoothly.

Also, we recommend visiting third-party Down Detector NBA2K Status to check the most reported issues and other related problems.

Reboot your computer or Console

Sometimes, it can also happen that your computer or console has some technical glitches or temporary cache data issues and so, your game may experience several connection-related problems. Hence, you only need to restart your computer or console simply to fix the issue.

Check your internet connection

If your internet connection is not stable and/or running slowly, this error can occur so make sure it is working fine and smoothly. To check, you can try to play other online games or surf other websites just to check the internet connection is working fine.

Run Power Cycle of your Router

As we have mentioned, this error may occur due to network connection glitches, a simple restart of your router may clear out this problem. To do this, power off your router, also unplug the power cable, wait for a minute and then plug back the power cable and on the router and check whether or not the issue is fixed.

That’s all you can do to fix NBA 2K21 Unable to Synchronize user profile information. If nothing works, now the only thing you can do is to wait for a few hours, you will be able to synchronize your user profile data once service is restored. Learn How to Fix NBA 2K21 Grey X in the Centre of the Screen.

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