Fix NBA 2K21 Grey X in the Centre of Screen

Fix NBA 2K21 Grey X On Screen

It’s been sometime since the release of NBA 2K21 and even though the game progressed past the initial phase of errors and bugs, there are some problems that still seem to arise from time to time. Over the past 24 hours, users have been reporting of seeing a grey X on their screens that sticks there. Although, it does not prevent the players from continuing with the game it’s bothersome and players are looking for a fix. Fortunately, there are several players who resolved the NBA 2K21 Grey X in the Centre of Screen on their own without any help from 2K. Stick around to know the solutions.

Fix NBA 2K21 Grey X in the Centre of Screen

We do not know if PC players are also experiencing the issue as all reports are from console players. The grey X in NBA 2K21 seems to occur when the players is in the myNBA. There have been no reports from the developers as to why the X is appearing, but it seems to be a glitch with the game.

The only solution that we know works to resolve the issue is a full reboot of the console. If that does not work, shutdown the system, dislodge the power cords, wait for a few minutes, connect the power cords, and restart normally.

Hopefully, this simple solution would help you resolve the issue. If not, unfortunately, there is no other solution at the moment. As the grey X is more of a visual hindrance and a nuisance than anything else, you can still choose to continue with the game while the developers get to the bottom of the issue.

It would be a good idea to raise a ticket or visit the Twitter handle of 2K21 to check if there is a known issue. You can also create a post and tag the developers on Twitter to bring the issue to their attention. That’s all we have in this guide, we will update the post when we know more.     

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