Fix NBA 2K21 Game Crashes in MyTeam Mode

Fix NBA 2K21 Game Crashes in MyTeam Mode

Ever since the launch of NBA 2k21, the game has had a range of issue from MyPlayer not working to the more recent crashes in MyTeam mode. You can do basically anything but launch a game through the MyTeam mode. Stick around and we will help you resolve the bug in a few manageable steps.

Fix NBA 2K21 Game Crashes in MyTeam Mode

Several modes in the game are bugged and to permanently resolve the bugs we need a patch, but for the game crash in MyTeam, we have a workaround. If you have checked goals in agenda, that seems to trigger the bug, you should disable it and the crash should not happen. Several players have confirmed on Reddit that this fix works. Here is how you do it.

Go to the home page of MyTeam and check both Agendas – the Season Agendas and Lifetime Agendas. If any goals are checked, uncheck them and try to launch the game again. It should work normally without crash.

If the issue is not fixed, you may try and repair the game from Steam. From Library, locate and right-click on the game. Select Properties and go to the Local Files tab. From here, click on Verify Integrity of Game Files. Wait for the process to complete and launch the game.

Another fix is to reinstall the game completely. Although reinstalling the game and repairing does not seem to work in this case most of the time, you can give it a try. Disabling the checked goals is the most effective fix for NBA 2K21 Game Crashes in MyTeam Mode.   

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