Fix NBA 2k21 Error Code 726e613d

Fix NBA 2k21 Error Code 726e613d

Another day and another error code in NBA 2K21 relating to MyCareer. Without doubt, the game mode is bugged with players experiencing a mix of error codes whenever they attempt to launch the MyCareer mode in the game. However, the NBA 2k21 error code 726e613d has a purpose in the game. it occurs when a user tries to misuse the game mode and use it for farming VC. Thankfully, there is an easy solution to resolve the error. Stick around the post and we will help you resolve the error and get back to playing MyCareer.

Fix NBA 2k21 Error Code 726e613d – Unable to Play MyCareer Mode

From what we know so far, the error occurs when you have created more than 5 characters within 24 hours. It’s a predetermined limit placed by the developers to prevent the misuse of the system and the farming of VC.

So, the simplest fix to the NBA 2k21 error code 726e613d is to wait for 24 hours and allow the limit to expire. On the other hand, a more drastic fix and if you are desperate to play the game is to reinstall it and create a new account.

However, in some cases even after trying the above solutions the error may occur as the MyCareer mode is bugged and requires a patch from the developers.

Hopefully, your error is resolved. Let us know in the comments if you have  a more working solution.

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