Fix Naraka Bladepoint FPS Drops, Stuttering, Lag, and Poor Performance

Rachel Zang
Rachel Zang

Will Naraka Bladepoint sustain its player base after a few weeks from the release is something only time will tell, but the game currently displays Mixed Review on Steam with 68% Positive. That will likely change over time as seen with other games. And while the game does not have any major errors and bugs, the FPS problem with the game is of concern. There are hundreds of threads on Reddit complaining about Naraka Bladepoint FPS drops, stuttering, lag, and overall poor performance.

While it’s clear that the game lacks the level of optimization you would expect from any modern title and the permanent fix has to come in a patch, there are some things you may be able to do to reduce the Naraka Bladepoint stuttering and boost FPS.

How to Fix Naraka Bladepoint FPS Drops, Stuttering, Lag, and Poor Performance

Most of the users facing the issue with the game have systems that meet the minimum specifications and have a reliable internet connection. Still, Naraka Bladepoint lags, drops FPS, and as a result stutters. Before you proceed with the solutions, I suggest you change some settings of the game that can boost performance.

Change in-game settings

Volumetric Clouds/Lighting is a setting that consumes a lot of resources on your system and it can cause FPS drops even on high-end PCs. Turning down these settings should provide you noticeable FPS boost. You can also turn down some other settings like Ambient Occlusion, Reflections, and Shadows. Once you change these settings, the Naraka Bladepoint FPS problems should be resolved. But, if that fails, here are some others things we suggest.

Use an SSD to play the game

If you have the option of an SSD, you should definitely install the game on it. If the SSD is the primary drive on your system that’s even better and would help the game perform even better. Move the game to an SSD and you will see significant changes in performance.

Install the latest graphics card drivers

It’s a game’s modus operandi, before you install any new game, you should perform a graphics card driver update. Quite often the poor performance in games and even game-breaking issues like crashes can be resolved by update the GPU driver. Click the link to the newest GRD version 471.68.

Disable the “Automatically manage paging file size” on your PC.

Here is how to perform the solution. While it’s not a universal solution and may not work for all some of you should be able to play the game after attempting the fix.

  1. Press Windows Key + S and type Advanced system setting
  2. Click on View Advanced system settings
  3. Click on the Settings link under performance
  4. Go to the Advanced tab
  5. Under Virtual memory, click on Change…
  6. Uncheck Automatically manage paging file size for all drivers
  7. Save the changes.

That’s all we have in this guide, hope the Naraka Bladepoint FPS Drops, Stuttering, Lag, and Poor Performance have improved if not resolved. If the issue persists, we suggest you wait for a patch and let the developers know via official channels.   

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