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Fix Multiversus KBI Tutorial Not Working

MultiVersus, a free-to-play crossover fighting game, has finally been released. The game, however, has several errors and bugs that users are currently complaining about. One of the most common reports from users is the KBI Tutorial Not Working bug. This bug appears in the very first tutorial in the game.

According to reports from a bunch of gamers, Wonder Woman in the Knock Back Influence tutorial is overpowered. She comes in and knocks the player out in one hit every time. This makes it extremely difficult and annoying for gamers to get past this tutorial.

Several gamers have expressed their annoyance in online forums. Without completing this tutorial, gamers do not get to play the rest of the game, thereby making it a headache.

How to Fix Multiversus KBI Tutorial Not Working?

The MultiVersus KBI Tutorial not working issue has no official fix, yet. The developers have not announced whether they are working on fixing this issue either.

However, a certain workaround has been reported to work in several online forums and communities. The solution may seem vague, but it has helped several gamers fix the issue.

Fix for Xbox and PlayStation

On Xbox and PlayStation, players can issue a simple workaround to fix the MultiVersus KBI Tutorial Not Working issue.

Follow along the tutorial until the Wonder Woman section arrives. While playing the Wonder Woman section, you will notice that the game asks you to hold the analog stick on your controller downwards and to the left. Hold the analog sticks steadily.

Once you have held the analog sticks in the appropriate position, locate the PS logo or the Xbox logo button. Once you receive a white flash from Wonder Woman, press the logo button simultaneously with the analog sticks.

We cannot guarantee whether this workaround will help you complete the tutorial on the first try. So, try it a couple of times and hope that the tutorial gets completed successfully.

Fix for PC

On PC, the workaround is the same. However, on PC, most gamers will be playing with a keyboard and mouse. Thus, the analog sticks and the logo buttons are swapped.

Gamers need to get the direction pointed with their directional keys and hold it steadily. Once the flash from Wonder Woman appears, hold the Alt + Tab keys simultaneously on the keyboard. This might save you from getting kicked from the arena.

The KBI Tutorial Not Working issue has not been fixed officially. The developers should look at it and get the bug resolved sometime within the upcoming few weeks.

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