Fix MTG Arena Stuck on ‘Retrieving Asset Manifest’ Loop

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

Finally, Magic: The Gathering Arena is released today on Microsoft Windows. However, players are reporting that their game is stuck specifically on retrieving asset manifest. It seems that the game rejects connections from certain IPs temporarily. Players are reporting on Reddit as well as on some other forums that their game is stuck on a page and an error message pops up that says – ‘Retrieving asset manifest’ and then the game doesn’t load at all. If you are getting the same issue, do not worry! Here we present you some simple and easy solutions to fix MTG Arena stuck on ‘Retrieving Asset Manifest loop.

How to fix MTG Arena stuck on ‘Retrieving Asset Manifest’ Loop

If you are frustrated with the stuck-on retrieving asset manifest in MtG, here is an easy and quick fix.

Switch to your internet connection

  • You just need to connect to another internet service. If you are connected to your Wi-Fi, try to switch to a mobile hotspot or you can also try to connect your game by using your neighbor’s Wi-Fi and then try again.

Change your IP by using a VPN connection

  • Another best solution is to use VPN and then launch your game again. You won’t be stuck on retrieving asset manifest in MtG Arena. As we have mentioned, for some reason, the game rejects connections temporarily from some IPs. So, if you will change your IP by using VPN, the problem will get resolved.

So far, these two methods are great to fix MtG Arena stuck on retrieving asset manifest. However, most of the users have fixed this problem by connecting to other networks using a VPN service. 

If you have tried and succeeded in any other solutions, do not miss sharing them in the comment section below.

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