Fix Modern Warfare Can’t Change Reticle – Menu Not Working

We all know that Warzone and Modern Warfare is connected in their code and an update for one often leads to problems with Modern Warfare. After the season 4 update to Warzone, a lot of users are reporting being unable to change reticle in Modern Warfare. Players are simply unable to load reticle menu. Choosing the Reticle Menu kicks you to the matchmaking menu. Everything else in the game appears to be fine. If you have encountered the Modern Warfare can’t change reticle bug, there are a few things you can try.

How to Fix Modern Warfare Reticle Menu Not Working

As we said earlier, the two games – Warzone and Modern Warfare are connected and the code conflict could be causing the issue. That brings us to our solution, launch Warzone and change the reticles in the game. Save the changes as a blueprint. Now, launch Modern Warfare and access the blueprint in multiplayer. Here is a step-by-step process to do it.

Fix Modern Warfare Can't Change Reticle - Menu Not Working
  1. Launch Warzone
  2. Head  to Edit Loadout
  3. Click on the Modern Warfare Loadout and go to Reticle
  4. Save the Reticle
  5. From Gunsmith, save as custom mod
  6. Now, go to multiplayer and the changes should be in Armory

As for an official fix for the issue, Modern Warfare is becoming more and buggier since the launch of Cod War and it may become worst as the yearly title comes out. At the time of writing this post, there has been no confirmation from the developers about the issue. So, a fix for the problem may take a while.

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